DEOC Accessibility Services

Accessibility of infrastructure, information and services is crucial for levelling the playing field and for ensuring equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. Universal Design is an inclusive concept which makes designs and solutions that are usable for all people at all stages of life. We provide Accessibility and Universal Design Services to companies, hotels, educational institutions, shopping malls and other public places.

DEOC Physical Infrastructure Accessibility Services include:

  • Access Audits - This activity pertains to as-built physical infrastructure to assess the barriers and make recommendations to correct these. At DEOC, we follow the international and national standards to achieve a barrier-free environment within the infrastructure audited. Our team of experts visit the facility to be audited to analyse the barriers and submit a report based on a reconnaissance survey.
  • Design Appraisals - This is done at pre-construction stage to save extra effort and costing once the facility is up. We perform plan reviews of proposed projects for accessibility. A report comprising of barriers found in plan review along with recommendations is submitted based on standards. A post construction access audit is then performed to ensure that standards have been complied during execution.
  • Implementation Support - We provide implementation support post access audit to ensure the recommendations are executed per the standards. In the process we help clients identify the vendors, source specialised materials/ gadgetry, verify the work progress on site and provide a regular on-site support.
  • Accessibility Trainings - We conduct trainings to infrastructure/administration staff on accessibility issues of people with various disabilities, the standards, conducting access audits and implementing changes.