Accessibility of Services

These days an average customer or client comes in contact with you through many channels. Before actually buying your product or service, your customer may come to your website and access the information he or she requires, then fill out the contact form or send you an email, or use online chat to interact with one of your agents. Are all these communications channels accessible?

Even after having purchased your product or service, the customer may have to resolve an issue and hence may have to use your digital interface or access your digital documents.

While physically visiting your business establishment  (your retail shop, your office, your service center) he or she may have to approach your help desk and interact with your staff. He or she may have to move from counter to counter.

All these stages and acts of communication are an integral part of an average customer journey.  DEOC can help you make the entire customer journey accessible.

Accessible  customer journey in a retail shop, for example,  may include

  • Accessing your website and using email or chat to obtain information
  • Entering your retail shop
  • Moving around horizontally and vertically – approaching your counter, reaching the shelves and reading the information regarding offers and prices
  • Interacting with your staff
  • Using general amenities if available
  • Packing and billing
  • Accessing emergency provisions in case of an emergency, seamlessly
  • Exiting your retail shop

Accessible  client journey in  health centre may include:

  • Policies and SoPs clearly indicating non discrimination with respect to clients with disability.
  • Accessible information about the hospital (clear information regarding the support available for people with disability)
  • Accessible method for taking appointments
  • Accessible infrastructure – health centre and equipments
  • Availability of assistants at the hospital
  • Availability of reasonable accommodation
  • Information about disability collected/ maintained in a sensitive and confidential manner
  • Providing priority for people with disability
  • Sensitised doctors/staff
  • Availability of Rehabilitation Service

Ready to make your business inclusive and accessible to all customers? Give us a call and we will tell you how to do it, or simply write to us.