Equal Opportunity policies and processes

Inclusion in an organization begins with clearly laid out policies and processes documents. These documents should be able to communicate what your organization stands for and what it doesn’t stand for vis-à-vis inclusion and accessibility, unambiguously.

Once formulated and approved, these policies and processes documents then become a framework within which every organizational decision is taken and carried out. These are written guidelines to be followed by your management, employees, students, partners and suppliers. They eliminate possibilities of unfair treatment, discrimination and litigation.

Policies and processes are not random decisions based on goodwill or personal biases. Since they become an integral part of your HR policies, recruitment/admission processes, operating environment, training, assessments, career movements, job profiling, emergency preparedness, and redressal system, they need to be prepared within a legal framework.

Your policies and processes need to take into consideration the recommendations made by the disability laws like The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (RPWD Act (External Website)PDf File.)

With scores of prerequisites it can be a daunting task to make your workplace/institution/service completely inclusive and accessible, sensitise your workforce, make appropriate accommodations and to prepare the text of the policies and processes.

This, is where the DEOC team can constructively contribute. We have years of experience helping organizations like yours create and sustain disabled-friendly environments.

How DEOC can help you make your workplace/education/service inclusive and accessible.

DEOC specialises in inclusion and accessibility. We have a team of Human Resource Specialists and Disability Specialists to perform audits based on national and international standards.

We handle the various provisions and recommendations of The RPWD Act (External Website)PDf File on a daily basis. When you partner with us we bring to the table a wealth of information that is available to only those who have worked in the trenches. Our team comprises of specialists in various disability issues and professionals who have years of experience helping businesses like yours create inclusive and accessible environments for their employees.

Our services include:


  • Framing / Reviewing your Equal Opportunity Policy for Persons with Disabilities in line with The RPWD Act (External Website)PDf File.
  • Reviewing all other People Policies (recruitment, admissions, training, assessments,  travel, leave, loans, insurance, medical, etc.) to ensure non discrimination
  • Reviewing all other concerned Policies related to infrastructure, communication, information systems, procurement etc. to make them compliant to The  RPWD Act (External Website)PDf File.
  • Reviewing  standard operating procedures with respect to dealing with customers/clients.


  • Framing the process for reasonable accommodation
  • Setting up  a process for collecting and maintaining record of employees with disabilities
  • Developing Grievance Redress Mechanism
  • Reviewing Recruitment/Admission Process to ensure that they provide equal opportunity to candidates with disabilities
  • Reviewing the training methodology and assessment/appraisal processes to ensure people with disabilities are able to study/work on equal basis with others.
  • Reviewing  Internal and External Communications
  • Reviewing  emergency preparedness for its compliance with the standards.