You may want to make your organization disabled-friendly because of the new disability law or you believe that boosting participation through inclusion and accessibility will enhance your productivity and strengthen your capacity for innovation. Whatever be your motivation, DEOC can provide you disability inclusion consulting services in the following areas:

  • Inclusion in services (for customers/clients)
  • Inclusion in education
  • Inclusion in workplace
  • Inclusion for suppliers

Through our consulting services at DEOC we help our clients make their education/workplace environments and services accessible and inclusive of persons with disabilities.

In order to hire our inclusion and accessibility consulting services your organization could be at any stage of inclusion. Whether you have just been introduced to the concept of creating an inclusive education/workplace/service or you feel you have made a considerable progress in this domain, you will find a worthy partner in us and you will be surprised to discover the value we can introduce.

Normally when organizations approach us they fall under the following broad levels:

Level I: You are just starting. You are aware that you need to make your education/workplace/service inclusive and accessible. Some ad hoc measures have been taken but you’re not sure whether your infrastructure, your policies and processes and other systems of your organization are supportive of the spirit of inclusion or not. The systematic initiative is missing despite awareness.

Level II: Some level of inclusion and accessibility has been reached. A few people with certain disabilities have been admitted/hired and accommodations have been made at an individual level and per individual needs.  However, there are no defined, documented policies and processes.

Level III: Policies and procedures are there but there are gaps in the implementation level. In some areas you are satisfied but in some areas you feel that improvements can be made. Still, you feel you haven’t yet reached there.

Level IV: You are setting benchmarks. Congratulations! Your organization is inclusive as well as accessible and people with different disabilities can apply for admission/jobs and perform their best in a highly friendly environment. Your implementation of policies and processes is efficient and continuous improvements are being made. Your services are inclusive. You want to make sure that higher standards are maintained without glitches.

Not sure which level of inclusion and accessibility your organization has reached? No worries. With our vast experience we have been able to develop an Assessment Tool that can easily help us evaluate what level of inclusion and accessibility you have reached within your organization and help you move to the next level.

You can either choose a holistic service package or specific services in the following areas in terms of Audits and Implementation:

  • Policies and Process
  • Accessibility of Built Environment
  • Accessibility of Information Systems and Communication
  • Inclusive Education/ Training /Skill development
  • Career Development /Leadership
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Inclusive Services
  • Supplier Diversity (Procurement)
  • Need-based consulting and advisory services including
    • Advice/review/support on any policy/initiatives/challenges you may face while trying to maintain an inclusive and accessible workplace environment
    • Legal advice
    • Ongoing support to your Diversity Team
    • Timely information and updates about conferences, seminars and awards
    • Connecting you with disability forums and NGOs working with persons with disabilities across the country (if needed)
    • Consultation and support on issues related to A reasonable Accommodation and workplace adjustment for people who may acquire disability during your employment
    • Addressing any specific issues being faced by one of your employees with disability
    • Continued sensitization sessions and reorientation workshops