Knowledge Services

Information, data and knowledge are crucial for effective decision-making. Right information must be available and accessible to all stakeholders.

Information, data and knowledge are powered by diligent and methodological research.

Qualified research helps you get a baseline, identify gaps, study best practices, innovate and make relevant and practical recommendations for addressing various problems/barriers.

Therefore, at DEOC we spend a considerable amount of time brainstorming and researching on various aspects of disability.

DEOC Knowledge Services undertakes various research assignments in the areas of disability policies and management at micro and macro levels. We have successfully undertaken a variety of projects, from authoring HR manual to compiling policy recommendations to conducting baseline studies to writing informative content.

DEOC Knowledge Services can offer assistance for the following broad categories:

Some of the broad categories of work offered by DEOC Knowledge Services are:

  • Research and Documentation
  • Simplification of law and other documents
  • Gathering feedback and collecting information/opinions from people with disabilities
  • Project Development/Evaluation/Impact assessment of disability and development initiatives
  • Review and Design of Policies
  • Knowledge Sharing in Forums/Seminars/Committees