Physical infrastructure accessibility

Access Audit Services

We can provide infrastructure accessibility audit of all public and private places including hospitals, cinema halls, shopping malls, recreational centres, educational institutions, railway platforms and bus stands, residential complexes, hotels and restaurants, workplaces, educational institutions and basically every business, commercial, non commercial establishment that is meant to serve the common public.

We will audit according to the International accessible built environment standards as well as according to the provisions contained within the countries National Building Code and other relevant guidelines.

The Codes/Standards are:

  1. ISO 21542, Accessibility and usability of the built environment
  2. Part 3, Annexure B, National Building Code 2016 (India)
  3. Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier-Free Built Environment for persons with Disability and Elderly Persons

Apart from a detailed Access Audit of any building, depending on client’s requirements, we offer the following services –

A. Walk and talk Audits/Route appraisals

A walk and talk audit/route appraisal is a simplified version of an access audit and is usually carried out accompanied by the client. As the walk and talk audit/route appraisal takes place the auditor discusses the main positive and negative accessibility features and a short report will be sent to the client after the meeting. For example; an organisation may wish to carry out a walk and talk audit/route appraisal if they are holding a seminar in a new hotel or if a small organisation (such as local shop, garden centre, hairdressers etc.) wants to investigate their accessibility.

While carrying out a walk and talk audit/route appraisal the auditor should be making the client aware of general ease of use of premises; provisions in place for people with various disabilities; obstacles/hazards; means of escape provided; wayfinding systems in place; circulation (horizontal and vertical, level changes) and quality of fixtures, surfaces lighting etc.

B. Design Appraisals

A design appraisal looks at the proposed design of a building and assesses the potential usability/accessibility of the finished building. The report should make recommendations on improvements, highlight positive accessibility features, provide information on accessibility features that may have been missed and advise on any relevant changes that need to take place. 

A design appraisal is only one step in the process of designing a new building. It is worth noting that professionals with accessibility experience should be involved in all stages of the design process including:

  • design appraisals at all stages throughout the project
  • advising during the construction (what fixtures and fittings to use, ensuring equipment is placed in correct position, etc.)
  • post-occupancy evaluation (ensuring signage in correct position, loop systems in working order, revising safety statement, etc.)

Implementation support

After providing you the accessibility audit report we can also provide implementation support. This accessibility implementation support will be available to you from the submission of the report. The intensity of support depend on your need – it could be online support or more intensive project management support, where we will help finalize the contractor/vendors and work with them to ensure that the recommendations are carried out well.

Training on Accessibility Standards

Tailored session to professionals in construction and building management professionals. Training on understanding accessibility issues and solutions for different disabilities, standards and implementation of access solutions.

Accessibility Reports