Digital infrastructure accessibility

Digital infrastructure these days is as important or even more than physical infrastructure. These days the first contact that people make with your organization is through your website or mobile app or some web document available online.

Various forms of digital communications between your organization and a person with disability include

  • Information on your website
  • Your mobile app used to consume your content or do business with you (shopping app, for example)
  • The chat client on your website that enables people to talk to your agents in real-time
  • The email correspondence between you and the person with disability.
  • The digital documents available on your website
  • The interactive content – product and service catalogue, audiovisual content, contact form, shopping cart interface, payment gateway facility and redress the system – that is available to all other visitors of your website
  • The web interface to purchase products and services from your website
  • The proprietary software that you use within your organization or business establishment
  • The off-the-shelf software that you use within your organization or business establishment

Digital infrastructure auditing

We will do a comprehensive digital infrastructure audit of all your digital assets including software applications, websites, intranets interface, digital documents, images and videos, and mobile apps.

We will provide you a detailed report of whether your digital infrastructure is accessible to persons with disabilities or not and what changes can be implemented to make it accessible. As is the case with physical infrastructure, we can provide you implementation support if there is a need.

By the way, as a side note, do you know that complying with the WCAG standards (making your website completely accessible) is also good for your search engine rankings? Major search engines like Google and Bing, while ranking websites, prefer websites that are accessible because their crawling and ranking algorithms find it easier to index and process accessible websites.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and embrace the brave new world of accessibility, both physical and digital? Do contact us for more information.