Why hire the DEOC inclusion and accessibility consulting services?

DEOC’s core strengths

  • Knowledge and skills: DEOC comprises of professionals with relevant qualifications in subjects related to disability, accessibility and issues affecting persons with disabilities, and people around them. We have years of experience studying and researching on how to create inclusive and accessible environments for people with disabilities.
  • Cross disability representation: DEOC is among the very few organizations that have a deep understanding of a wide range of disability classifications and how they affect people. We can help your organization follow a more holistic approach to accommodate different types of disabilities, which is also a mandate of the RPWD Act.
  • Multi-sectoral experience: DEOC members have a multidimensional experience with disabilities and their related issues. We have worked with different age groups, organizations, NGOs and businesses. From multinational companies to slums in rural areas, we have covered almost every aspect of disability. To enable us to cover such a wide range we have multidisciplinary professionals working with us from the fields of disability, architecture, IT, communications and marketing.
  • Tailored consulting services: We can completely tailor our inclusion and accessibility consulting services according to your organization’s current requirements. We will develop unique strategies and programs based on your organization’s budget and inclusion needs.

Indigenously developed inclusion and accessibility assessment tool

Over the years we have garnered so much experience and insight into how to help organizations create inclusive and accessible workplace environments that we have developed our own Inclusion and Accessibility Assessment Tool. This tool will help you in the following arenas:

  • Strategic Commitment and Governance
  • Policies
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Learning and Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Return to work
  • Career development
  • Internal IT systems
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Procurement
  • Built-in Infrastructure
  • Internal Communication and awareness
  • External Communication

A small glimpse of the inclusion and accessibility consulting work that we have done and the recognition we have gained

  • Inclusion Framework for Corporates:
    • Developed the DEOC- CII manual -Values Route to Business Success: The Why and How of Employing Persons with Disability. It is the first ever, fully prepared manual in India for HR professionals and organizations eager to hire persons with disability.
    • Developed a holistic framework for corporates to include people with disabilities in the workspaces. We have also helped other organizations create their own frameworks.
    • Helped many organizations develop and establish strategies for disability inclusion and accessibility, earning them international recognition for their effort.
    • Have become trusted advisors for many organizations; clients can call us anytime to get our insight and brainstorm on inclusion and accessibility ideas.
  • Accessibility
    • DEOC was commissioned by NCPEDP (National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People) to review the Draft National Building Code that will eventually lead to having accessible buildings and other public places for people with disabilities. Aside from  reviewing the draft we also used our insight and experience to make further recommendations for various parts of the NBC to ensure the inclusion of disability standards.
    • DEOC also reviewed national and international standards on Accessibility of Built Environment to ensure universal access.
    • DEOC is empanelled as an Access Auditor by Government of India.
    • DEOC was also invited by NCPEDP to train all their National Disability Network Partners in doing Accessibility Audit. Due to their training many of them are now empanelled as Access Auditors in the ongoing Accessible India Campaign.
  • Educational Institutions
    • DEOC has developed the Reasonable Accommodation Procedures for including students with disabilities in IIMs, and has also helped in creating the Office of Disability Services.
    • DEOC is regularly invited by IIMs for their orientation session every year to sensitise their students.
    • DEOC also trains the faculty members in terms of including people with disabilities and providing necessary accommodations.
  • Policies
    • DEOC reviewed the RPWD Bill at the draft stages and made recommendations.
    • DEOC also compiled the Parallel Report on the CRPD for National Disability Network and NCPEDP.
  • Research work
    • DEOC is often commissioned to carry out research work  and studies and to develop white papers on a wide range of topics concerning  inclusion and accessibility.  For instance, we have worked on white papers on the impact of awareness campaigns; reviewing the laws known to be discriminatory against people affected by leprosy and inclusion of disability in Sustainable Development Goals and Disability Certification. Our studies and white papers have been helpful in shaping advocacy efforts and the forming of strategies for improved inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Training
    • Training is one of our strong points. Our trainings range from classroom to experiential (non-simulation) to analysing case studies, to facilitating discussions, and group activities.
    • DEOC has organized several training programmes for different stakeholders. We have conducted workshops and training sessions for youths, managers, recruiters, security guards and cab drivers, just to name a few sections. Our customized and highly interactive training programs are specially targeted towards making people think of issues and solutions concerning inclusive and accessible workplace environments for people with disability.

As you can see, when it comes to creating sustainable use of an accessible workplace environments, we have been closely working with various government and private organizations at policy as well as limitation levels. We know the subject inside out.

Would you like to know more about why we are the most suitable partners for your organization if you want to create an inclusive and accessible workplace environment? Give us a call, or write to us, and we will gladly provide you more information.